The full form of PGDCA is Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application. It is considered to be one of the best courses for the students who wish to pursue career in the field of computer and technology. The curriculum of the course focuses on the theoretical and practical elements of computer software creation, application, and implementation. By pursuing this course the students can develop and enhance their skills to next level. The candidates who pursue this course will be able to learn about fascinating things like operating systems, database management systems, and web programming over the course. Candidates who pass the course will be able to grab excellent job opportunities in the field they desire. They can get an opportunity to work in the software sector in a variety of positions.
Students will learn about the theoretical and application-oriented parts of computer application, as well as the newest computer software development, during the one-year PGDCA program. The PGDCA is a professional course designed for graduate students.


1- What is the fees of PGDCA?

Answer- The fees of the PGDCA course can range somewhere between INR 7,000 to INR 1,10,000. It totally varies from college to college and university to university.

2- What are some of the best colleges for PGDCA?

Answer- Some of the best colleges for pursuing the course in India are UPES, SRM, LPU, etc.

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