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PCM Students

PCM full form stands for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. It is a combination of subjects taken by engineering and medical aspirants. After clearing their 10th board exams, students get to select their streams. The streams available to students for selection are Science, Commerce, and Humanities. With the combination of Physics, chemistry, and math, students can opt for the science stream. 

After taking PCM, there are various courses that students can take. Some examples of such courses are Engineering, Biotechnology, and Architecture. PCM students can further pursue a bachelor’s in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Data Science and Analytics, statistics, Actuarial Science, Aviation, Nautical Sciences, and much more. One can also pursue diploma courses after 12th such as a diploma in computer science, Information technology, software engineering, and computer hardware, among others.

Some of the most sought-after courses after 12th PCM are Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Design, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Astronomy, Robotics, and Chemistry. 

These students, however, cannot pursue a career in the field of medicine. For that, you need to opt for PCB or PCMB i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math. With the combination of PCMB, the career fields that students can pursue increase.

If you are interested in a career in the field of STEM i.e. Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, you need to study in this stream. Without this combination of subjects, students cannot pursue their studies or careers in this field.

What is pcm?

For most of the students selecting a stream can be a stressful task. The full form of PCM is physics, chemistry, and maths. If you’re a student deciding to take the science stream for your further studies you must know about the career opportunities and options. Physics, chemistry, and maths (PCM full form) is an ideal combination for students who want to make their career in engineering, etc.

Why to opt for PCM?

The full form of PCM is physics, chemistry, and maths. PCM is a good option because if you have a PCM degree, you can choose several career options like engineering, architecture, industrial design, defense, forensic science, data science and analytics, ethical hacking, pharmacy, aviation, and a host of others. One might opt for this subject combination as it allows you to enter into any stream, you can also go for career options like lawyer, accountant, etc. Along with full form of pcm, some of the career options in this field are teaching, engineering, data science, data analytics etc. 

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