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PA System

A public announcement system or a public address system, commonly referred to as a PAS or PA system, is a setup that allows one single person to broadcast a message to multiple people. A PA system may include several microphones or other sound sources a console for mixing and modifying multiple sources as well as multiple amplifiers and speakers for better volume and wider distribution. Typical applications of PA systems include public transport vehicles and facilities, live or recorded music venues and events, and sports stadiums. 

A simple PA system is used in schools chiefly for small announcements in the classroom as well as for conducting assemblies and events in school auditoriums. The public announcement systems used in schools often have indoor as well as outdoor applications and hence must satisfy both conditions sufficiently. Some PA systems have speakers covering more than one building. They might extend to an entire campus of a college, office, or industrial site. The PA system may even be set up in such a way that the entire outdoor complex can hear the sound, like in the case of an event like an athletic meet. A large PA system may also be used as an alert system during an emergency. 

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