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MA Political Science

MA Political Science
The Master of Arts (M.A.) in Political Science is a graduate-level programme. It focuses on providing in-depth knowledge of national and international political systems, political behaviour, political theories, and political practise. Apart from that, public affairs, government laws and policies, international relations, and historical and present political systems are all covered by an MA Political Science. Graduate students will gain specialized knowledge of Indian and international politics through this course. It is suitable for people who want to work in the sectors of governance and public management. It’s a higher education study that can lead to a rewarding career in politics. The program covers political thinking, current debates, development administration, and international relations, among other topics, to give students a better grasp of global politics and governance concerns. Students having a background in any Humanities subject can further choose MA Political Science as their postgraduate course. Students can further choose a specialization in any of the divisions like – International Relations, Public Administration, etc.  Political science has a wide range of applications. Political theory, political methodology, political economy, public policy, public administration, comparative politics, and international relations are examples of specializations (sub-branches). Students can get a master’s degree in any of these concentrations to develop specialized knowledge and prepare for specific employment prospects.

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