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Opportunity Gap

The opportunity gap is a term that tells us about the difference in backdrops among individuals and lack of opportunities to some due to it. It may be based on various aspects such as economic background, social setbacks, community, creed, and many more.

This disables or restricts them from various aspects or opportunities that they might be deserving of. It acts as a tool that discourages equal proficiency-based learning for all. This could also be a hindrance to the motivation of individuals and result in inhibited mindset growth.

Often, a specific set of individuals are disregarded based on English proficiency being a must, despite their comprehension abilities. This could result in mismanagement of their flexible learning skills and cause rigid mindset development.

Furthermore, the best example of the opportunity gap could be student disparity. It could be in terms of resource allotment based on family incomes. This same could make students stand back from achieving academic success up to their capacities. An environment of tension among their peers could be a notable aspect of this conduct.

One similar term in terms of achieving success is the ‘achievement gap.’ Food scarcity among students is one of the most commonly witnessed opportunities across the globe. The same could be overtaken by proper awareness about ethics and active involvement in common collaborative learning. 

The future scope and sequence of e-learning are based on overpowering this disregard or disparity. This could allow self-paced learning as an object of learning among the student peers equally. 

Teachmint offers scalable Integrated School Platform to educational organizations. With the help of this system, institutes can take care of their processes from a single platform. For example, they can use the admission management system to streamline the enrollment process. Likewise, the lms portal offers a customized teaching-learning experience to teachers and students.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology