Online Whiteboard

The online whiteboard is the pictorial whiteboard that enables a virtual learning environment through collaborative classroom development. It helps in the thorough practice of graphics-based learning principles through visualization and ideation, planning and markings of the proposals. This is an essential component of critical thinking. 

These whiteboards offer a real-time whiteboard experience. They also allow distance learning with the benefits of no space management hassles helping in favourable cognitive learning.

While the visual whiteboard has become a part of every classroom management app, it has also become quite popular due to its easy access policies. Every member can demonstrate his/her viewpoint without the hassles of erasing the previous one or waiting for ink refills, unlike the conventional whiteboards.

The use of online whiteboards enables flexible learning and teaching aids. It could assist understanding by designs for manageable knowledge visualization. An online whiteboard usually has features such as sticky notes, visual content viewing, uploading, polls, and multimedia tools such as the sharing of audio, video recordings, and images. 

They could help view the learning glass from a more comprehensive prospect of creativity. This learning style can also enable more secure and filtered learning due to graphs, diagrams, and on-time data reviews, surveys, and quick assessment.

With e-learning gaining the upper hand and video conferencing as the reformed educational technology, whiteboards have made the group learning experience widely interactive, taking the sphere of knowledge visualization to a higher level.

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