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OMR Sheet

All students should know how to fill an OMR sheet. Most of the entrance exams require students to fill the OMR sheet. Optical mark recognition or we can say OMR sheet is widely used in competitions, where graded multiple choice question answers are there. Candidates are evaluated using specially designed software. This method reduces the risk of incorrect assessment to almost 0%. On the other hand, simple mistakes or unintentional inking by an applicant may result in their respective OMR slips not being evaluated. This popular and highly accurate recognition technology is used to collect data from fill-in oval question types in student tests, polls, votes, and ratings. OMR can be confused with other types of recognition, including OCR which is known as Optical Character Recognition which means reading printed characters on a machine, and ICR Intelligent Character Recognition which means reading handwritten characters. Optical mark recognition allows respondents to select an answer to a question by filling in the oval associated with the answer choice. For example, in the image to the right, respondents selected Excellent in a box to indicate that the position is Excellent. The level of accuracy for accurately scanning characters is based on handwriting clarity. The scanner has been enhanced to be ready to read different types and sizes of text, as well as neat handwriting. Text scanned with OCR is extremely accurate, but it also needs checking because some letters are often misread. OCR is used to automatically recognize postal codes on letters at sorting offices. In OCR, the scanner comes with character recognition software that converts bitmap images of characters into the equivalent ASCII code. In addition, electronic conversion takes less time. The latest software can recreate the original tables and layouts. This process is much faster than manually entering information into the system. The advanced version can even recreate tables and columns and even create web pages. Students should fill the option carefully as it can not be changed once filled. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology