Non Teaching Staff

Non teaching staff are those people who work at a school but do not teach the students. They offer other services that do not help the students directly with their studies but help in greatly improving their experience at the school in general. Let us discuss who they are one by one. 

Schools and colleges often have buses that ply along different routes across the city they are based in to bring students to the school. The drivers and conductors at the school are hence part of the non teaching staff at the school or college. They are responsible for something much more valuable than the education of the student – their safety and security in their transport from home to school and vice versa. 

The school nurse is another vital member of staff that needs to be applauded. The duty of the school nurse is to take care of the students if they run into any accidents at school and make sure they feel safe and secure within its premises. 

The cleaning staff is a vital addition to this list. Most schools and colleges have multiple buildings and each building will have different floors. Without the cleaning staff working tirelessly even on weekends, the school will have quite the hygiene problem. Their contribution to an educational institution and its environment is much higher than can be explained. 

The accountants and peons who take care of the accounting session of the school are often not friends with the students because they hardly ever interact with them but they also play a big role in the normal functioning of the school and the general experience of the students and parents at the school. 

So, the non teaching staff is actually a very big part of the school system and deserve all the respect as teachers do.

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