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NCTE is an abbreviation for National Council for Teacher Education, established in 1993 under the National Council for Teacher Education Act. The purpose of establishing NCTE is only to improve the process of the Indian education system. This council functions for both state and central government to empower teacher education. 

Besides facilitating the development of the education field, it is right now facing issues related to the maintenance of standards of teacher education and prevention of substandard educational institutes in the country. 

The primary objective of the NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education) is only to achieve the coordinated development of the teacher education system in the country. 

It also intends to regulate and properly maintain the standards of teacher education throughout the country by training candidates for both primary, secondary, and senior secondary stages of schools. This also includes adult education and distance education courses. There is a 4 year integrated NCTE program conducted to train the teachers at a professional level.

The functions of the National Council for Teacher education also includes undertaking surveys, studying and implementing the education reform policies, and coordinating and monitoring the teacher education system. 

It intends to improve the standards of examination, and the country’s quality of education.  

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