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NCC Full Form

NCC Full Form

NCC full form is National Cadet Corps. ‘Unity and Discipline’ is the motto of NCC. Its primary objective is to create a community of individuals who are organized and disciplined. The NCC aims to instill in young people virtues like selflessness, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, and a sense of adventure. They will receive training to develop their leadership abilities. They are expected to serve the country irrespective of the career path they choose. It also motivates them to be a part of the armed forces in India and encourages them to serve the country. 

The Inception of the National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps of independent India was inaugurated in the year 1948. The events like the Kashmir war that happened in 1948 accentuated the importance of establishing an initiative like NCC. Following this event, the government of India realized the importance of armed forces. The provincial governments and the standing committee put forth the suggestion for the formation of the Cadet Corps. The government of India accepted the suggestion of provincial governments and standing committees. Hence, after the summer break, the schools and colleges reopened, and on July 15, 1948, the NCC of Independent India was established.

Core Values of the NCC

  • Motivate the members of the NCC to work for the betterment of the nation.
  • Adhere to the norms and values that are included in the Indian Constitution.
  • To lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sensitivity to the concerns of underprivileged and socially excluded people.
  • Inculcating habits of restraint and self-awareness.
  • Understand the importance of values like honesty, truthfulness, hard work, perseverance, etc.

These are some of the core values of the NCC. Every member of the NCC is expected to inculcate these values in their lifestyle.

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