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Nature of teaching

The nature of teaching has been conceptualized and explained in a variety of ways. No matter what the teacher does in her lessons if the students aren’t learning anything, she isn’t teaching, and when the student fails, the instructor fails even more. As a result, training on how to apply and integrate educational technology into the teaching-learning process is required. Using learning technologies to introduce, reinforce, augment, and expand abilities is referred to as integrating technology with teaching. The manner their lessons are conducted is the distinction between the classrooms of exemplary users of technology. Teaching is the process of instilling theoretical concepts in a person, and it is a form of knowledge transmission between a teacher and a pupil. The teacher must facilitate learning by leading discussions, allowing students to ask open-ended questions, guiding processes and activities, and allowing students to actively participate in discussions and interact with concepts. Teachers work in schools with the goal of educating students so that they can become decent citizens of the world. Nature of teaching should be very good, every student should understand what the teacher is explaining. Teachers should improve their nature of teaching to provide every student with quality education. 

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology