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National Technology Day

National technology day is celebrated by many people all over the world on 11 May. We all use technology in daily life, no one can imagine their life without technology. It has made everything so easy and managed. Technology helped to improve the education system a lot. We all should understand how technology helped to improve the education system. Students and teachers have access to a variety of educational and digital resources, they make use of it to learn something new every day. Technology has brought changes to all levels of education, from primary school to University.  The learning content should be illustrative and entertaining, grab the attention of students, and contain as little repetitive information as possible, which is one of the main shortcomings of traditional educational methods. Teachers need to understand the needs of their students, how they communicate with each other, and what can be used to get their attention and interest in their studies. Teachers are also able to take advantage of technology to improve teaching methods, and many areas of their work have been simplified. It has long been believed that the most effective teaching method is the traditional system, where students passively follow the teacher’s instruction. But it is not the same thinking of belief anymore because the advancement in technology turned out to be very beneficial for students. The national technology day has a great significance, it reminds us how technology has made everything better. We all should celebrate national technology day very nicely every year. 

Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology