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National Students Day

National students day is celebrated on the 15th of October every year to celebrate the birthday of Late Indian ex-President and famed aerospace scientist, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The UN never actually proclaimed Abdul Kalam’s birthday as World Students’ Day as people might think. In fact, in December 2007, the UN originally adopted a resolution to make the 15th of October International Day of Rural Women. Representations have been made in the past to the central government to declare Kalam’s birthday as National Students’ Day and in 2021, the central government made the decision in favor. The theme of National Students Day in 2021 was “Learning for people, planet, prosperity, and peace”. The theme of National Students Day 2022 has not been decided yet but will be announced later on this year.

Why is National Students Day Celebrated on APJ Abdul Kalam’s Birth Anniversary?

APJ Abdul Kalam was a hard-working dedicated teacher and identified himself in that role most with great pride and dignity before anything else. His love for students finds his best voice when he said, “Dream, Dream, Dream, Dreams transform into thoughts. And thoughts result in action.” Dr. Kalam has famously said that teachers are the builders of society and society can be built only when students are made proficient in their subjects. He added that teachers have to provide a vision for life to students and also to inculcate the fundamentals of values that they should practice in years to come. He dedicated most of the later part of his life to educating and inspiring young minds. It is in such an event at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong that Dr. Kalam breathed his last where he suffered from a massive cardiac arrest and passed away shortly at the age of 84.

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