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National Science Day

National Science day is very important for all of us which we celebrate every year on 28 February. Science is one of the oldest and most important disciplines, covering a  variety of topics. It is also one of the basic parts of the STEM terminology for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Science helps us understand the world around us. Everything we know about the universe, from the regeneration of trees to the structure of atoms, is the result of scientific research and experimentation. Human progress throughout history is primarily based on scientific progress. From knowledge of gravity to cutting-edge medicine, science students are shaping our modern world. All of these advances can be traced back to individuals who are learning science as high school students. Therefore, promoting science as a subject is in the interests of governments, businesses, and society. It provides the next wave of progress in all areas that affect our daily lives. Universities have many disciplines that fall into these three disciplines. This allows students to become professionals in a particular discipline and embark on a professional career. Students with academic degrees are usually highly valued. In many cases, a degree in science allows graduates to find high-paying jobs and choose a country to work in. We all should celebrate national science day to regard all the scientists who helped in improving our lives. National Science day makes us realize that advancement would not be possible without science

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