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National Council for Vocational Training

NCVT full form is the National Council for Vocational Training established by the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. The key motive of this organization is to monitor the performance of certain institutions that participate in providing individuals with vocational training and education. 

The NCVT can regulate how such institutions organise their educational and training material, approve of the quality of learning, and act as a skill regular. It first came into existence in 2019, aiming to structure and organise training & skill development institutions. Through this, multiple individuals nationwide can improve their skill set, dream of a better-organised future with career goals and even contribute to the fast passes developing economy. NCVT is also responsible for monitoring awarding & assessment bodies with a similar motive. 

What is Vocational Training? 

Vocational training is the process of teaching individuals a skill of their interest, which they can later use to find a means of living. Institutions and educational centres can offer such training sessions and even vocational certificates on the completion of their courses. Academic institutions take assessments properly to ensure each person acquiring the certificate is well versed in the specific field they have specialised in. 

How long does it take to complete an NCVT Training course?

Students as young as 14 can apply for vocational training courses, however, there are no facilities to apply for loans to pay for the said courses, irrespective of their duration. They can be of minimum 3 months, 4 or six months, and can last as long as 1-2 years.

What are the basic functions of NCVT?

Governed by a Head Chairperson, Executive Chairperson and Nominated member, the NCVT is a powerful body which functions through a General body and an Advisory Committee.

  • It regulates and recognises, ie, gives the power to hold training and examinations for institutions. It also checks on organisations that provide training certificates. 
  • Approves the quality of institutions, their educational materials, training programmes, etc.
  • Performs research to gather useful data.
  • Looks into grievances, and operates a redressal system in times of disorganisation for vocational training bodies.

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