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National Botanical Research Institute

The National Botanical Research Institute is a research institute established in 1800. It is a research institute of CSIR in Lucknow that focuses on taxonomy and modern biology. The institute was first established as a summer palace by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan. 

The National Botanical Research Institute was set up as National Botanical Gardens on behalf of the State Government of Uttar Pradesh. However, it was later taken over by CSIR in 1953. The institute focuses on four major functions: conservation, education, scientific research, and discovery of new plant species. 

The institute preserves the flora and makes people understand their importance. Moreover, they aim to provide education about indigenous plant species to the general people. The National Botanical Research Institute is a place of heaven for individuals who love flora and want to know more about indigenous species. 


The objectives of this prestigious institute are to:

  • The institute researches various plant species and helps in their protection. Moreover, it also provides information about the plants to the general public, students, and individuals visiting the institute.
  • The institute also focuses on improving the quality of various plant species. Moreover, it promotes plant-environment interaction and applies different biotechnological approaches to promote healthy plants. 
  • Building up a germplasm repository of plants of indigenous and exotic species, including rare, endangered, and threatened species. 
  • Development of technologies for the new species of plants. The improved technology aims to enhance the life quality of various species. 

The institute remains open to the general public. They can visit the garden to understand different plant species and how to save them from environmental damage.

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