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Multiple Measures

Multiple measures are a variety of measures or indicators used to measure the extent of student learning. Using these multiple measures, instructors collect data within and across subject areas multiple times to deduce whether they are ready to move to the next level. Measures for assessing a student might include grades, portfolios, teacher evaluation, or student progress. 

Assuming a student knows what they have been taught on the completion of the course, is a rather straightforward way of judging them. Instead, educational institutions assess their progress using some methods. However, some students may possess the skills but may fail to prepare for a test. Since a single decision can have a major impact on a student’s consciousness, certain institutions have made it mandatory to employ multiple methods. Such assessment methods include multiple up-to-date ways of measuring a student’s academic achievement and their higher-order thinking skills

There are two important reasons to use multiple measures to evaluate a student. One, they enhance construct validity. A construct is a variable or an attribute that is up for measurement. Construct validity is the degree to which score conveys meaningful information about the attribute under question. Now, one test score might not give a clear picture of whether a student understands Trigonometry. Using more than one measures are more likely to sample the things students should know about. 

The second reason for using multiple measures is that they enhance decision validity. Several factors play a role in making a decision. Those several factors arise from various pieces of information. And every piece of information has one or more measures For example, It’s not just important to know whether a student understands Trigonometry; it is also important to know whether they know Physics. While choosing Science as a stream in the future, it is important to know whether the student understands physics and Math. More factors and measures increase the validity of a decision.  

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