Moral Science

Moral science can be defined as the science of morality. Since that may be quite vague and ambiguous to understand, a bit more explanation is required. 

Moral science focuses on topics such as an individual’s personality, freedom, choices, moral values, principles, and ideals, and how they affect themselves as well as other people around them. Teaching moral science in a school setting is a fundamental part of their education as instilling the values necessary for them to be responsible morally aware citizens of a country is vital to cultivating a progressive inclusive society. In school, students are in their most impressionable age, and teaching them moral science at an early age helps them understand and improve their sense of right and wrong. 

Teaching moral science at school has several advantages, a few of which are given below:

  • Character Building – A person’s character is built on the basis of what and how much they value the people and the world in general that they live in. Teaching moral science makes sure that a student’s moral compass is more streamlined and unbiased. 
  • Determining What is Good and Bad – Good and bad are quite subjective terms. What might be right for one might be wrong for another. However, this is when we are talking about ideas. When it comes to the question of morality, there are certain things that are utterly and fundamentally wrong, like taking away another person’s life. A person raised with the awareness of honesty, integrity, commitment, etc. will find such values more appealing.
  • Helps Build Better Human Connections – Human connections are extremely important to cultivate, especially when students are young and impressionable. As human beings, we always strive for connections, and the better we are at meeting people halfway, especially from a moral standpoint, the better will be our relationships. 

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