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Missionary schools

We all have heard about missionary schools, we need to know more about them. Missionary schools are religious schools, these are regulated by Christian missionaries. The missionary schools were established in India in colonial times, the purpose of these schools was to westernize the local areas of the country. It all started in the 16th century, they were the main schools in that period. They were famous till the 20th century after that other schools started to gain popularity. They are sometimes funded by the government. In these schools, teachers show students possibilities in the mission field and help equip them with the tools they need for the different situations missionaries encounter in their daily activities. This allows students to delve into the field with more confidence in their abilities as a missionary. Each missionary college is different according to the practical experience it provides to students, but each offers the opportunity for students to gain experience as a missionary before graduation. While we can never comprehend all of the biblical knowledge, it is clear that we have a practical understanding of it as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is even more important as a future evangelist so that you can use Bible verses/stories to bring others to Christ as well as be able to better answer questions.

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