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Mind Map

A mind map is a diagram used to organize and present information in a meaningful way. It is meant to showcase the relationship between different terms and pieces in a hierarchy. This is created around one idea or concept and usually drawn in an image over the blank page center. 

You can easily connect to the major ideas via the central concept and several other themes following the central theme. It may not be wrong to call it a concept map, which simply helps determine the right structure of your ideas and concepts, seeking the help of recall exercise and analysis. 

The mind maps can be used in our academic lectures and virtual classes to make the students understand the ideas, or give them tasks using them. Mind maps can be used for presenting ideas using the non-linear graphical layout. 

Mind maps can help create an intuitive and competitive framework, which revolves around the ideas and concepts one intends to give others. It is a more effective learning mode in academic circles and even used in corporate meetings and other places. Some of the key benefits of using a mind map are that it can add life to monotonous information making it colorful, which eventually becomes easy to remember for the students. It helps to achieve the learning objectives.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology