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MIM Full Form

MIM Full Form

MIM Full Form is Master of Information Management. MIM is a postgraduate degree that is designed to help students who want to develop an in-depth understanding of the IT sector in the realm of business management. The course duration of MIM is 3 years all, out of which students get an understanding of the use of information and data in business management. The MIM course includes technical subjects that are related to the IT management sector as well as subjects that are related to conventional management. Subjects such as Data Warehousing,  Business Analytics, Cyber Security Management, etc. form the technical core of MIM. These are supplemented by the study of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, etc., hence forming a holistic program for future managers.

The MIM course offers students the skills required for a career in software development, IT management, digital marketing, etc. It is designed to cater to the needs of professionals who want to improve their job positions and pay. Hence, it is more suited for candidates who have some amount of experience in a professional role. MIM in India is most notably offered by the University of Mumbai affiliated colleges.

Given below are the eligibility criteria for admission to MIM courses in India.

  • Candidate must have completed a degree course of a minimum 3-years duration
  • The qualifying degree course needs to have been completed from a recognized university.
  • Graduates from all streams can apply for the course.
  • Colleges may also require candidates to have some level of work experience in a relevant sector or position.

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