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Migration Certificate

A migration certificate is a document that is issued by the university or board in which one studies that helps in gaining admission in another institution or any other education board. The migration certificate is issued at the completion of the course, including all the necessary documents that come along with it. Only the education board that you have studied in has the authority to issue it. They are issued directly by the concerned schools from which the candidate has been entered for the board examination. The candidates should get in touch with the concerned Head of their school for the Certificate. 

Migration certificates are sometimes also referred to as transfer certificates or TC for short. However, there is a fundamental difference between these two. It is given to the student when they have finished the exam and is used while changing the institution or board. The transfer certificate, on the other hand,  is issued when the student has passed out from the college or board. 

To apply for the Migration certificate, the student must first pass the board exam. After doing so,  they are required to fill out a form prescribed by the respective board. After paying the amount prescribed by the board, the students will have to typically wait for 7-20 working days from the date on which the student had applied for the migration. 

A valid address should be provided so that the documents will be dispatched to the address of the candidate via courier, speed post, or post. 

The migration certificate has an unlimited warranty and so applies to any other board’s migration certificate. It is simply a document that gives the student the authority to migrate from one school or institution to the other.

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