The word mid-term commonly refers to the exams conducted in the middle of one session. In other words, Mid-term means the tests that are conducted during the semester, trimester, yearly, or any other exam system. 

The term signifies all those tests that a student has to give during their period of the session. The NEP (new education Policy) has increased the weightage of the mid exams. A significant portion of the marks scored is added to calculate the comprehensive result of the complete interval. 

The different terms used to signify exams are mid-term, half-yearly, final, end of the semester, exit exam, and many more. All the exams require prior exam preparation to clear the paper. 

The mid-exam usually has the half course syllabus covered. The faculty sets the paper based on a limited syllabus. Many times mid-term exams include questions to revise and test the classroom learning efficiency of the students.

It helps them retain significant concepts in long-term memory for future reference. 

The online learning pedagogy also takes the mid-term assessment. The scores obtained in these tests are used for calculating the summative assessment. A good performance in these tests helps achieve good overall grades at the end of the class perioda. 

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