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Micro Teaching Lesson Plan

A Micro Teaching Lesson Plan involves the preparation and delivery of the study material or instructional material in a sorted way. Micro teaching is one of the good innovations in the technology of teaching. Micro teaching basically refers to the cycle of teaching where the quality of teaching or education is redone over the feedback given by the peers or students. The micro teaching lesson plan includes the improvements made to the teaching technique from the constructive feedback. The micro teaching lesson plan includes the cycle of Planning and Teaching and Receiving feedback and then Re-Teaching and Re-Feedback. This way the quality of education gets improved and students learn more from the revisions. Along with this, students also get a free chance of putting out their points in front of their professors and teachers. The micro teaching lesson plan includes the steps of planning or creating a lesson plan aiming at the information that is going to be put out to the students in regards to achieving the desired outcome of knowledge. Then comes assessing, before starting your session, make sure to assess your learner’s or students’ prior knowledge about that particular subject. The next point in a micro teaching lesson plan is to define your aims and objectives to your learners only so that they know that they are engaging in something that is going to help them gain knowledge. Next is taking the feedback from your learners and reworking on what is to be taught again. Micro teaching is where you observe the behavior of your learners and further work on bettering their understanding of what you are teaching them. This method does not only reworks on what your students are learning but also your teaching style.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology