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A methodology is a technique designed to carry out research, a task, or any particular activity. Any activity that is performed with some predetermined fixed steps is known as methodology. It is a framework for the theoretical analysis of a definite task. 

Methodologies are framed and designed by the shared beliefs, views, and values of the society. Different activities have different sets of methods and procedures. It is difficult to reach the goals in the absence of the set procedures.

Methodologies play a critical role in the continuous improvement of the performed task. The constructive approach used by the researchers leads to better work efficiency. Knowledge and reality of the surroundings are significant to create a methodology for different activities. 

It is a quantitative approach that can efficiently integrate with the interdisciplinary theoretical perspective. Let’s understand this with an example. The middle school and higher secondary schools use different pedagogy. The learning style differs vastly for the primary students, seniors, and even the co-education system. 

The difference in style of pedagogy is designed according to various methods. The development of the learning methodology is dependent on research. They develop procedures with theoretical studies, best practices, experiments, trials, tests, or through its application. 

Almost all the fields use the methodology for the right execution of their subject matters. Natural sciences, social sciences, arts, mathematics, theoretical frameworks, etc all have their applications by the methodology framework. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology