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Metacognition is primarily concerned with critical thinking. It is “thinking” about thinking. The NEP (New Education Policy) has made it necessary for the middle schools and higher secondary schools to include the subject relevant to metacognition in the curriculum. 

Its inclusion in education will help in developing critical thinking and lifelong memorization of the right knowledge. It is vital for the perseverance of the proper understanding and interpretation based on the observation.

Activities related to metacognition in the classroom is a part of holistic learning. The teachers use innovative teaching methodologies that help students become self-learners. It will eventually help them in better understanding the complexities of the world.

Teaching about metacognition in the classroom is a cognitive approach to develop the thought processes, emotional sense, and behavioral skills of a person. 

The world is changing faster than ever. Every day one faces and tackles different situations and problems. A healthy motivation level is needed to survive in such circumstances. The metacognition skills learned in the classroom will be a lifetime motivation booster for people. 

Counselling sessions at all the educational institutions will allow people to live creatively and positively. A fair sense of right thought process and emotional stability are the prime objectives of introducing metacognition in the classroom.

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Introducing the World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology
World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology