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MERU full form – Multidisciplinary Education and Research University

The National Education Policy 2020 seeks to establish an advanced model of public universities called MERU. It is going to transform the way education is acquired and perceived at a university level. Moreover, it has the potential to develop students who are skilled and competent.

This model is going to establish a space for learners to explore different disciplines and it also encourages inter-disciplinary research. It can develop India into a center of research and development. The university will also focus on the holistic development of students and help in honing their skills. This helps them to become employable and knowledgeable. This enables students to be advanced in terms of their knowledge in their particular field and they will be skilled enough to face the challenges that they may face in the future.

This concept enables the students to broaden their horizons and gives them exposure to a variety of realms. This helps them to be innovative and make a difference. This helps them to grow as a student and as an individual in a holistic way. They will be able to develop their skills, which will lead to overall growth.

India will become a hub of research and development on a worldwide scale with the introduction of the proposed Multidisciplinary Education and Research University (MERU), which would also provide new opportunities for young people and encourage cross-disciplinary research. It also motivates academic members and students to pursue success in multidisciplinary endeavors. NEP 2020 is attempting to reform the Indian educational system through MERU and also through other multiple initiatives.

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