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Merit List

Merit List
A merit list, also known as a cut off list, is a list established by colleges/universities to admit students to various courses provided by the college. If your results are lower than the marks on the merit list, you will be denied admission. The merit list establishes the grades that can be used to gain admission to the college and course. Cut off marks can be understood as the minimum percentage of marks that the candidates should secure in order to get admission in their desired college, school, university, or any other institution. Each and every student is required to score good marks if they wish to take up their desired course. There are the few tips that are sure to help the students in scoring good marks and clearing the cut off-
Choose the right study material- Choosing the right study material is another crucial preparation tip. The candidates should make sure to research well, evaluate deeply, and then choose the right study material.
Understand the syllabus well- The first rule to win a war is to know your enemy well. Hence, to crack any exam, teaching or non-teaching, the candidates should know the exam pattern very well. 
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