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Mentoring Yuva Scheme

The Indian government has announced another program for the country’s youth which is the Mentoring Yuva Scheme. Under the PM YUVA Yojana, the government is currently providing mentorship to the country’s young authors. The Yojana program, run by the government, aims to invigorate the country’s young through mentoring aspiring authors around the country. The application process for the writing competition is open to participants from all around the country. All of these young individuals will be given the chance to represent India on a global platform and express themselves via their outstanding contributions to Indian literature and culture. Writers in the program will be mentored in several genres, including fiction, poetry, theatre, nonfiction, travelogue, and more. These candidates will receive a scholarship throughout the mentoring program. For six months, the selected candidates would get a monthly scholarship of Rs. 50,000/-. The government will carry out this writing initiative in stages. The National Book Trust of India (NBT), which is part of the Ministry of Education, will carry out the effort in India. Applicants from throughout the country are urged to apply. In an all-India competition, participants would be chosen from a pool of roughly 75 individuals. Mentoring Yuva Scheme is beneficial for many students. Students should take advantage of the mentoring Yuva Scheme. 

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