Macro teaching

As we can understand from the name, macro means large so it means teaching on a large scale. The lecture is given to the whole class at one time. Teachers use a variety of approaches when teaching their students. Sometimes teachers give lectures to their students; At other times, they encourage their students to work together to achieve goals. Macro teaching and micro-teaching also work, because they help dictate what teachers teach, how they deliver that lesson, and who is included in each classroom activity. It is a useful method when teachers have to guide an assignment or present a new concept or background information to the whole class. Macro teaching can be done by the teachers at the professional development level when considering long-term program planning for the year. Macro teaching allows teachers to review course goals with their students for the entire semester, it can also be a year that is done at the start of the course. This helps your students know what to expect from the course as they progress through the material. When students know how much they are going to study with a sister or during a particular program, they will start studying accordingly. The time of students and teachers will be saved with the help of macro teaching and then that saved time can be used for revision or any other useful activity. Students will be able to manage their schedules according to macro planning. 

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