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Qualification for M.ed


M.ed stands for Master of Education. It is a postgraduate course in education. The duration of this course is usually two years, but some universities and colleges offer it as a one year course. This course is offered by institutions that are recognized by the National Council of Teacher Education, New Delhi. NCTE is a government body that looks after teacher education programs, and it is in charge of improving and executing them in the country. 

It is said that it is good if one pursues the M.ed course if they want to be a teacher as this course helps them in improving their technicalities required for the teaching career. In every state in India, many institutions offer Master of Education courses. A Master of Education Degree essentially provides social and psychological foundations of the discipline and also the educational research. 

M.ed Eligibility

Although universities and colleges revise their process almost every year, there are a few M.ed eligibility criteria that can be seen every year in their prospectus or brochures. Those M.ed eligibility criteria are as follows: 

#.  The candidates who are looking to get admitted in M.ed must have completed a Bachelor of Education degree, i.e., they should have completed a B.ed degree from a recognized university. 

#. Though the percentage of marks required in B.ed degree for the admission in M.ed is not same in the institutes offering M.ed degree but the most common percentage required is 50-55% 

#. Admission procedure and mode of selection also vary from university to university, but there are two possibilities in this scenario. Some universities make the selections based on merit, while others conduct their entrance exam to select the deserving candidates, and the eligibility for these entrance exams is the same as the eligibility required generally for admission in M.ed.

Those who are already practicing the teaching profession can apply for a Master’s in Education degree and can study the course in distance education mode. However, the M.ed eligibility criteria are the same as that of the regular course.

These were the common M.ed eligibility criteria that can be seen in every university prospectus. But if one is searching about the M.ed, then it is essential to know why they shall proceed with this degree and what are the career options after this. 

M.ed Career Options

Master of Education is considered a professional degree course, i.e. one can get a job directly after completing this degree. This course helps you to develop or improve the technical fineness that is required to be a good educator. There are various specialization courses you can do in M.ed, but it depends on the choice of the subject you have done in your Bachelors of Education. 

The job roles offered to M.ed candidates are as follows:

#. School Teacher

#. Educator 

#. Principal

#. Vice Principal

#. Professional Trainer

#. Education Consultant 

#. Education Counselor

#. Online Tutor

These were some of the career options that a candidate gets after completing the M.ed course. Now, let’s talk about some other benefits of the course. 

Benefits Of M.ed

#. While studying Master’s of education, one can specialize in subjects like women studies, language education, educational technology, teacher education, educational management, special education, guidance and counselling, yoga education, environment education, or rural education. 

#. A Master of Education degree helps develop the technical fineness required to be a good educator or teacher; therefore, one can get a job in high school directly after completing the course. 

#. The M.ed course gives us the knowledge of education systems and patterns more accurately. It facilitates the candidates to develop an understanding of the offerings of various Indian schools of philosophy to the field of education.

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