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M.Ed Syllabus

A Master of Education, or M.Ed, is a two-year program that serves as a preparation to become a professional teacher at various stages of education and provides job-specific training to run educational departments and educational institutions. Master of Education courses are available in India through several colleges offering regular and distance learning options.

M.Ed Syllabus

The M.Ed syllabus is structured so that students learn how to cultivate the appropriate skills to become educators through different pedagogical methods.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, M.Ed courses include a great deal of practical application. The course syllabus calls for candidates to collaborate on dissertations, internships, pursue academic writing, and attend workshops and seminars.

The following table outlines the semester-by-semester list of core subjects that are mandated in the M.Ed syllabus:

Semester I

  • Psychological Aspects of Education.
  • Education from a Historical and Political Perspective.
  • Education Studies.
  • Educational Research & Educational Statistics Methodology.
  • Information and Communication Technology in Education.
  • Human Rights and Education.

Semester II

  • Education from a Philosophical Perspective.
  • Educating from a Social Perspective.
  • Curricula Studies in Education.
  • Perspectives on Teacher Education in India and Abroad.

Semester III

  • Educational Research Methods: Advanced Concepts and Techniques.
  • Education of in-service Teachers in India.
  • Comparison of Education.

Semester IV

In addition to the core courses, every student will be required to choose one area of specialization. Aspirants get to select from a wide range of elective courses available in the M.Ed program.

Elective Subjects for M.Ed

The following specialization subjects are listed:

  • Education in the Primary Grades.
  • Education of Teachers.
  • Study of the Curriculum.
  • Providing Guidance and Counseling.
  • Planning, Managing, and Financing Education.
  • Open Learning and Distance Education.
  • Inclusive Education.
  • Educational Technology and Information and Communication Technologies.
  • Studies of Women and Girls.
  • Advances in Curriculum Theory.

The M.Ed syllabus varies from College to College, so it is recommended that students go through the M.Ed syllabus available at the Colleges’ official websites.

Subjects for the M.Ed Syllabus

Courses are available for various subjects from different fields in the M.Ed syllabus. Elective subjects are determined by the topics students choose in the B.Ed course, but the mandatory topics are similar across the best M.Ed colleges.

The following table summarizes some of the subjects taught during the M.Ed program:

  • Tech-enabled Education.
  • The Historical and Political Foundations of Education.
  • Management of Education.
  • The Study of Languages.
  • Providing Guidance and Counseling.
  • Educating the Special Needs.
  • Research on Women.
  • Environmental Education.
  • Curriculum Studies and Yoga Education.
  • Psychology of Education.
  • Developmental Theory of Advanced Human Beings.
  • The Education of Teachers.
  • Education of Teachers Concerning Global Perspectives.
  • Foundations of Philosophy and Sociology of Education.
  • The Journal of Educational Research & Statistics.

M.Ed Syllabus Main Topics

To be admitted to the best M.Ed Colleges, students must pass an entrance exam, and they should be well prepared before taking the test. The curriculum for M.Ed entrance exams is based primarily on topics covered during the B.Ed program.

Below-mentioned are some of the main topics for M.Ed entrance exams:

  • The Philosophy of Education.
  • Ancient and Medieval Indian Education.
  • British Indian Education.
  • Contributions of Educational Thinkers to the Development of Educational Principles.
  • Awareness.
  • Motivation and Learning.
  • Several Major Philosophical Approaches to Education.
  • Psychology: Nature & Meaning.
  • Character.
  • The Psychology of Educational Psychology.

You can find the M.Ed entrance exam pattern on the college website, which may differ from one college to another. Following is the exam pattern for the MAH CET 2021 for M.Ed that will explain the test format:

  • The exam will be conducted online (CBT).
  • MCQs type of questions.
  • The exam duration is 1.5 hours.
  • The marking scheme is one mark for every correct answer, and no marks will be deducted for any incorrect answers.
  • The test is only administered in English and Marathi.

M.Ed Books

NCERT books, Government policies, and Journals are part of the M.Ed curriculum and help students understand the subjects thoroughly. The following are some recommended reads as per the M.Ed syllabus:

  • Modern Philosophies of Education McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
  • Building of Philosophy of Education Englewood, Cliffs Prentice Hall, Inc.
  • The Doctrines of Great Educators.
  • Comparative Education: Some Considerations of Method- Unwin Education Book, Boston.
  • The Concept of Education, Routledge, United Kingdom.
  • National Policy on Education (revised) New Delhi.


A Master’s in Education is an excellent degree to earn for many reasons. Other than the pay increase, M.Ed graduates can keep their teaching certification, improve their classroom teaching, make career changes, and pursue lifelong learning. Also, it is a highly reputed profession.

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