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All About M.Ed

M.Ed: An Overview

Master of Education, popularly known as M.Ed, is a Master’s level degree program that revolves around the study of teaching and educational research. This course not just focuses on improving one’s teaching skills but also on improving one’s research skills. It also helps improve various aspects of education, including counseling, education technology, leadership, etc.

National Council of Higher Education, NCHE, is responsible for conducting and overseeing the M.Ed education program in India. This is a two-year professional course that focuses on nurturing the skills of educators and widens their knowledge about various ways of educating other minds. Apart from offering a whole course in four semesters, some colleges and universities in India also offer a one-year course for M.Ed.

M.Ed is offered to study in various subjects and specializations, and upon the completion of the degree, students can choose to work not just as teachers but can take up many other roles.

The course can also be pursued from anywhere through distance or by regular mode.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for the M.Ed course is as follows:

  1. The candidate must complete B.Ed in graduation from any college or university that is registered and approved under the UGC.
  2. The candidate must secure a minimum of 50%-60% marks in graduation as required by the specific institute they are applying to for M.Ed.
  3. According to the policies stated by some educational institutions in India that offer M.Ed courses, the candidates possessing BElEd or Bachelor of Elementary Education, BAEd or BA Education, and BScEd are sometimes also eligible to apply for M.Ed.
  4. Candidates already possessing postgraduate degrees in Humanities, Science, Social Science, and those who already have experience working in the teaching field through the State Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education or Inspectors of Education in the states have an additional weightage if they wish to apply for M.Ed.

Who Should Pursue M.Ed?

  1. The course can be taken by those candidates who are willing to work in the education sector.
  2. Those interested in working for NGOs by spreading the word about education can take up the course.
  3. Candidates who wish to become educational counselors should take the M.Ed course.
  4. Candidates who completed their B.Ed and are looking to uplift their career.

M.Ed Syllabus

The M.Ed syllabus mostly emphasizes the different learning techniques that help candidates develop the right mindset to become educators. The M.Ed syllabus is filled with theory and a good amount of practical work and studying as well. As a part of practical experience, candidates are encouraged to join internships, pursue academic writing, and attend seminars while pursuing M.Ed to enhance their skill set.

Mandatory Subjects in M.Ed


  1. Educational Psychology
  2. Human Rights and Education
  3. Educational Studies
  4. Information and Communication Technology in Education
  5. Methodology of Educational Research & Educational Statistics
  6. Historical and Political Perspectives of Education


  1. Philosophical Foundations of Education
  2. Sociological Foundations of Education
  3. Teacher Education in Indian and Global Perspectives
  4. Curriculum Studies in Education


  1. Advanced Methods in Educational Research
  2. In-Service Teacher Education in India
  3. Comparative Education


Elective Subjects Only

M.Ed Syllabus: Specialised Elective Subjects

Elementary Education in India: Administration and ManagementIssues and Curricular Concerns at the Elementary level
Advanced Curriculum TheoryPolicy, Planning, and Financing of Education
Issues, Planning, and Policies of Elementary EducationTowards Academic Leadership at Secondary School level
Inclusive EducationEducational Technology
Contemporary Concerns in Elementary EducationEducational Administration
Value EducationScience Education
Social Science EducationGender Studies
Special EducationAspects, Planning & Management at different levels
Issues & Curricular Concerns at the Secondary & Senior Secondary levelEnvironmental Education
Education Policy, Planning, and Financing for Education at Secondary and Senior Secondary levelEducation Management and Planning at Secondary level
Information and Communication Technology in EducationPeace Education
Issues and Challenges in Secondary EducationEducational, Vocational Guidance and Counselling
Supporting Education of Disabilities and Disadvantaged Group studentsEducational Evaluation
Language EducationBusiness Education
Yoga EducationGuidance & Counselling

These are some of the subjects in the M.Ed syllabus that can be chosen in the final or the fourth semester of your M.Ed course.

Career Opportunities with M.Ed

An M.Ed degree will not confine you to just a teaching post to uplift your career. With M.Ed, you have ample job opportunities in the waiting. Some of them are:

  1. Educational Counselor: An Education Counselor counsels students on the various issues related to education like career selection, study plan, and schedule and helps with other issues like social and emotional issues of the student.
  1. Educational Administrator: A candidate with an M.Ed working as an Educational Administrator is skilled to take major responsibilities like the design of education curriculum, strategies for teaching, school finances, etc. They can also establish policies, manage staff, and administer the funding.
  1. Curriculum Developer: A professional Curriculum Developer works with the teaching staff to finalize the books for students, teaching material, and other technologies required for better understanding and effective results of the students.
  1. Technologist: A Technologist or an Instructional Technologist works to improve the technical infrastructure at educational institutions. In their capacity, they can also design web-based learning tools, conduct seminars, lead training seminars, etc.
  1. Tutor: A Tutor schedules teaching sessions for the students. These days, it can happen through either online or offline mode. A Tutor offers teaching services to help students with their weak subjects, monitor students’ performance, and assist them in getting better results while improving their knowledge.

Apart from these, there are many other career options through M.Ed like Soft Skills Trainer, Headmaster, etc.

With this, we hope you got a clear idea about M.Ed, M.Ed syllabus, eligibility criteria for M.Ed, and the job opportunities after the M.Ed. For more information and useful content related to M.Ed, keep reading our blogs at Teachmint. Teachmint is the one-stop destination for all the teaching-related competitive exams in the country, where you will be trained uniquely to stand out of the crowd.

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