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Scope and Sequence

Scope and sequence explain the concepts and ideas that are in the course books and curriculum. It has a list format. All the topics are listed one after the other, as they appear in a book. The content of the list tells what the students learned from the book. 

The scope and sequence tell the intention of the publisher and the material covered in the book. Parents and teachers should read the scope and sequence to understand whether the book is appropriate for the student or not. 

This list is useful in making plans that are helpful in a student’s learning progression. Scope and sequence are two words having different meanings. Scope refers to the development areas of the curriculum. The students can develop their skills in those areas and can make a career in it. 

Sequence describes plans and the content that helps students in their learning process. There is a lot of content available now. There are a few bodies that decide the school curriculum. The topics included in the course curriculum help students understand the basics of the topics concerned. This helps develop skills in that particular domain. If a student wants to continue with the same subject for higher education, this helps them.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology