Live Classes

Live classes are an instructor-led learning model wherein the teacher has control of the class. They decide the learning objective and set the pace of learning. They allow synced events organized in a live virtual classroom where students and teachers meet to study. The classes require students and teachers to be simultaneously online. However, these classes can be recorded for future reference. 

Live classes are different from online courses in the sense that online courses are delivered asynchronously. During the online courses, the teacher and students don’t have to be online simultaneously. A student can study online courses at their own pace without any real-time instructor. Some online courses may also have online classes or meetings as a part of the course activities. 

Live classes make distance learning possible. It allows the instructor and the learner to be at different locations, yet connect in real-time to discuss the subjects. Further, real-time classes add confidence and credibility to those classes. This also gives the instructor a chance to prove their command on the subject. 

However, despite the advantages, live classes have their own set of disadvantages as well. If the teacher or student has connection problems, they will not have a great learning experience.