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Jharkhand Board (JAC)

Jharkhand Academic Council (abbreviated as JAC) is a state government institution in India responsible for academic administration. The agency has been amended to supervise government-recognized educational institutions, including primary and secondary schools. It was founded by the Jharkhand government following the passage of the Jharkhand Academic Council Act, 2003 by the state legislature and governor. 

JAC was formed primarily to conduct intermediate, secondary, and madrasa-level examinations for candidates enrolled in government-recognized institutions (JAC-affiliated). Dr. Anil Kumar Mahto was appointed as the new Chairman of the JAC on December 10, 2021.

The JAC, formerly known as the Jharkhand Intermediate Council (JIC), was first considered on November 15, 2000, following the formation of the state by the Government of India. Three years after Jharkhand was created, the state legislature enacted the Jharkhand Academic Council Act 2003 to establish a state government agency, giving rise to the Jharkhand Academic Council. 

Due to the lack of official premises in the state, the agency was initially based in a rented property in Rameshwaram, Ranchi. JAC is currently operating from its official office in Gyandeep Campus, Namkum, Ranchi, which was inaugurated in 2003 by the state chief minister.

Duties & Functions

  • To authorize the establishment and closure of the intermediate college, elementary, and secondary-level schools within its jurisdiction.
  • To define the curriculum and prescribe the syllabus.
  • To choose textbooks for the prescribed exams.
  • To make the results available at the secondary and higher secondary levels.
  • To provide diplomas or certificates to qualified students who pass their exams.
  • To acknowledge or de-recognize secondary or upper secondary educational institutions.
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