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The Jharkhand Academic Council (abbreviated as JAC) is an Indian state government body in charge of academic administration. The agency’s mandate has been expanded to include the oversight of government-approved educational institutions such as elementary and secondary schools. The Jharkhand Academic Council Act, 2003, was passed by the state legislature and governor, and it was established by the Jharkhand government. JAC was created primarily to administer examinations at the intermediate, secondary, and madrasa levels for students enrolled in government-approved institutions. Dr. Anil Kumar Mahto was named the new Chairman of the JAC on December 10, 2021. Some of the important roles performed are: To give clearance for the opening and closing of the intermediate college, primary, and secondary-level institutions under its authority. Instructional courses and a curriculum must be specified. Textbooks for the tests have been assigned to make the findings available to the general population at secondary and post-secondary levels. To award eligible students who pass the exam with degrees or certificates. Secondary or upper secondary educational institutions are recognized or unrecognized. Conduct inspections of government-recognized institutions to ensure that they have the appropriate facilities and personnel. Any privately registered institution that fails to satisfy the required requirements will have its license revoked.

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