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International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

If you are a maths student, you must have heard of the International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. This journal published high-impact results in the field of mathematics and computer science. You can use the journal to publish your research and other original work. Although the journal focuses on original research work, you can also publish short notes and reviews. 

The International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics has been publishing various works in the field of maths and computer science since the last 15 years. Over the last few years, the journal has seen a lot of changes in its popularity. For example, the metric factor “cites per paper” has increased to 7.19. Any author willing to submit their articles or other works in this journal can apply through the submission center. Before publishing the work, the members associated with this international journal understand that the same work is not published anywhere else. Moreover, they will also want to know that the work is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. 

This journal publishes all extensive work or research conducted in the field of applied and pure mathematics. The term applied mathematics is used in a broad sense and extends to other subjects like theoretical computer science, mathematical physics and chemistry, mathematical biology, and application of mathematics to the engineering sciences. The journal also acts as an interdisciplinary forum for mathematics and its applications. The journal releases two issues per year to give its readers details on the recent developments in the field of mathematics. 

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