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International Baccalaureate

The goal of this organization is to create life-long learners. The International Baccalaureate focuses on children aged between 3-12 years and makes them caring and culturally competent. The goal is to motivate children and help them aid self-learning. 

International Baccalaureate is beneficial for both teachers and students. Its benefits for teachers are:

  • It helps teachers in their professional development. Moreover, it helps them improve their critical thinking, self-reflection, and dedication to lifelong learning. Teachers can focus on their personal development through this program. 
  • Teachers can change their way of teaching after undergoing this program. They can develop innovative and diverse teaching frameworks, lesson plans, and teaching resources through this program. 
  • Teachers can develop their skill and knowledge by undergoing various programs offered by recognized universities.
  • Developing a pedagogy for students to help in their holistic development. 

International Baccalaureate benefits for students

The benefits of this program for students are:

  • Students are encouraged to think critically and outside the box
  • Help in self-learning process
  • Promote cultural awareness and helping them learn new languages
  • Encourages engagement with other people in an increasing globalized world

Benefits for schools and universities

IB encourages knowledge sharing by encouraging networking of different schools. Different IB schools can form a forum to discuss new ideas and help in the development of new pedagogy for students. 

Group of IB world schools can apply to become an Association of IB world schools. It offers various programs for the development of knowledge and providing an equitable opportunity for students, teachers, schools, and universities. 

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