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Internal Assessment

Internal assessment is a process of assessing the understanding of students. In this process, schools and teachers judge the student’s performance based on their understanding of the course curriculum. This process of evaluating students does not require the involvement of any person outside the institute. 

Need for internal assessment

The internal assessment gives credit to the final assessment. Also, it reduces the burden related to the final examination. For example, if a student has performed well in assessment tests, they do not need to take much pressure of the final examinations. Moreover, such periodic assessments act as a link that provides data related to students’ performance. It allows students to learn continuously. 


Internal assessment is a continuous process and does not serve as a replacement for exams. The tests are prepared by subject teachers and assess various parameters in a candidate. These assessments are considered an effective technique to check the overall understanding of students. Such examinations are also helpful for teachers as they can change their teaching methods based on the performance of their students. On the other hand, students can prepare well and score better marks in the final examination after assessing their performance in the internal exams.


Internal examinations have the following advantages:

  • It reduces the weightage of external assessments. 
  • Students can engage themselves in studies throughout the year to score better marks. 
  • The students are more attentive to their studies as they want to improve their performance.
  • It reduces the chances of anxiety and nervous breakdown prevalent in students during examinations.

Internal assessment is vital for the overall success of the students. Another important tool that can help students prepare better for exams is an academic planner. With Teachmint, students can get access to easy-to-use tools to enhance their learning experience.

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