IEP is a special program for students with special needs, it makes certain that students with disabilities receive specialized instruction and services related to it. It is for the students going to elementary or secondary schools, Individualized education plan is the full form of IEP. It is a written plan developed by schools providing special education. Teachers specify goals for the development of students and the way to obtain these goals. It is not only made by teachers but also with the help of parents, they both jointly work and decide how they can educate the student and achieve the goals. IEP is a plan in which teachers and parents need to identify the needs of the students which result from their disability. The plan is not made according to the class of students, it is made to meet the needs of students with disabilities. At the time of making this plan, teachers keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of the students. They plan in such a way that the students should be able to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. There are seven steps of the individualized education plan: first is pre-referral, then referral, identification, eligibility, development of the individualized education plan, implementation of the individualized education plan, and then finally evaluation and reviews of the plan. An individualized education plan tells about the disability of a student, what skills they need to learn, what things the student is going to learn in their current class. 

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