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Last-minute revision tips for HTET

HTET (Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test) is taken by the Board of School Education, Haryana (BSEH), to ensure the candidates possess essential skills and aptitude to teach in any school recognized by Haryana’s Department of School Education. Teaching aspirants are required to qualify the HTET as primary eligibility for becoming a teacher in government schools of the state. The test is conducted once every year, and candidates can appear for one or multiple levels.

Every year, the competition increases with lakhs of aspirants applying for HTET, and only the well-prepared are able to clear the exam. But fret not! Even if there are only a few days left for the exam, it is never too late to prepare and master the syllabus. So here we have some last-minute revision tips for HTET to help candidates prepare efficiently and strategically to ace the exams.

5 last-minute revision tips & tricks for HTET

Know The HTET Syllabus And Exam Pattern Inside-Out:

For a great start, candidates must gain a thorough understanding of the HTET syllabus. Knowing the topics of each subject in detail will provide the right direction for revision and overall preparation. The exam papers are different for Primary Teachers, Trained Graduate Teachers, and Post Graduate Teachers. All three levels have a few common subjects, including Child Development and Pedagogy, Languages, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and General Awareness. Other topics differ as opted by the candidates.

The candidates must also get familiar with the HTET exam pattern so that there are no surprises while appearing for the exam, and one can attempt the exam papers with confidence.

Prepare Study Notes For Quick Revisions:

While preparing for HTET, making study notes helps remember the topics better and serves as the best material for last-minute revisions. Writing in short notes and one-liners helps the candidate remember the concept easily and strengthen the understanding. Such notes also help quickly revise the entire syllabus a day before the exam.

Manage Time Strategically To Focus On Weaker Sections:

Even if there is limited time, candidates must not ignore any topic. All the sections are equally important and carry weightage because questions are asked from all given topics in the syllabus. But a candidate may not be well-versed with all the topics. Some topics are the strength of a candidate, and as for the weaker topics, strategic time management is the key. It can help a candidate dedicate more time to weaker sections and gain a deeper understanding of them for a holistic approach.

Attempt Online Mock Test And Previous Question Papers:

There are numerous HTET mock tests available on the internet, including the question papers of previous years’ examinations. They play a significant role in the preparedness of the candidate to a whole another level. Moreover, as the last phase of preparation, it helps a candidate get ready for the exam. 

One of the most important revision tips, a candidate must attempt several mock tests online and at least the previous five years of question papers. It helps them perform better and manage the time during the actual examination. It also allows candidates to gauge where they stand in the competition and if they lack in a particular subject or topic. Such self-assessment can help them qualify for HTET eligibility as well as beat the competition.

Be Confident And Do Not Stress Over The Exam:

Lastly, a candidate must not lose hope and stress over the exam. Although essentially not a revision tip, keeping confidence is crucial so that all the efforts do not go in vain. Before the exam day, candidates must get enough sleep and rest without worrying about the exam. Candidates should also avoid touching on new topics before the exam day and only quickly go through the notes if there is a need for revision. Finally, one must remember that there is no negative marking, so there is no need to take stress but give 100% by calmly attempting every question with confidence during the exam.


If candidates follow all the revision tips mentioned above and make productive use of their time every day, HTET exams will be easier to crack. No exams are tough, and competitions are unbeatable with efficient and strategic preparation. And since we have got you covered even for last-minute preparation and revision, you will be able to clear HTET with excellent marks. Of course, the above list of revision tips is not definitive. But with full-hearted dedication and focus, candidates can indeed achieve their goals.

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