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5 mistakes to avoid while preparing for HTET

The HTET, short for Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test, is a highly professional, mandatory state-level examination conducted by the Board of School Education, Haryana (BSEH). The exam is organized to determine whether the aspiring teacher candidates can handle the difficulties involved in the teaching of Elementary, Secondary, and Senior Secondary schools recognized by the Department of School Education, Haryana.

It is a written competitive aptitude exam held offline in three main levels:

  • The Level 1 – PRT or Primary Teacher for I-V standards
  • The Level 2 – TGT or Trained Graduate Teacher for VI-VIII standards 
  • The Level 3 – PGT or Post-Graduate Teacher, for the IX-XII standard

Clearing the HTET exam successfully can change an aspirant’s life for a lot better as it opens the door to a rewarding career. However, the competitive level of the HTET exam is getting harder year by year, making it difficult for aspirants to clear the exams and get their desired job in government schools.

It requires a lot of patience, perseverance, and dedication to prepare for the HTET exams. Along with that, there are a few HTET tips and mistakes which candidates must avoid while preparing for the HTET exam.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For HTET

Here are the 5 common mistakes to avoid while preparing for the HTET examination:

  1. Avoid referring to too many study materials, books, or sources:

One of the common mistakes that candidates make while preparing for any exam is that they refer to too many study materials, books, or sources. Collecting and piling hordes of reference books, e-files, pdfs, e-books, links, etc., may stress the aspirants, ultimately leading to chaos, confusion, and loss of focus.

Therefore one of the most important HTET tips for candidates is to select only the most recommended, limited, up-to-date, and relevant study materials, books or sources as per the latest HTET exam pattern.

  1. Lack of a proper preparation strategy or plan:

Many HTET aspirants fail to make a proper preparation plan or strategy for the HTET examination in advance. They tend to prepare a plan only while time goes by during their preparation which does not lead them too far. 

The next HTET tip thus suggests the candidates make a proper preparation schedule or timetable that they can follow daily. Assemble the relevant HTET books, pdfs, e-files, links, etc., and divide the specific time for each subject and topic. In addition to this, save some extra time for practice tests or mock tests and do as much revision as you can. 

  1. Avoid distractions as well as lapses in concentration:

Continuous distractions, as well as lapses in concentration, are common evils that tend to damage or hamper the preparation time of the HTET candidates. Candidates must know that their exams and careers are extremely crucial, and they must not lose focus.

One more HTET tip for the candidates is that they should separately fix their timings for preparation and recreational activities like watching TV, surfing social media, messaging, chatting, calling, etc. It will help them to concentrate more and prepare for their HTET exams in an organized manner.

  1. Avoid studying or preparing at the last minute:

One of the biggest fatal mistakes committed by HTET aspirants is the last-minute study. They tend to wait for the official date of notification to start with their HTET exam preparation.

Therefore another HTET tip for candidates is to start in advance with the preparation for the exams. It will help them avoid running short of time and perform adequate studies and mock test papers.

  1. Don’t Ignore Your Mental and Physical Health.

Lastly, the most essential point in the HTET tips for candidates appearing for HTET exams is not to ignore their mental and physical health while preparing. It is often the case that HTET aspirants stay up all night and don’t eat their food properly. It eventually leads to the loss of motivation and mental distress, which in turn makes them feel more stressed during their HTET exam. 

The HTET tip regarding this is that the candidates must take sufficient breaks during their HTET preparation to exercise, eat, relax, and sleep properly.

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