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HST Full Form

The HST full form stands for History of Science and Technology. It is a part of history that studies how the understanding of science and the use of technology has changed the lives of people and created many civilizations over the years. The scope of this subject is not limited to technology and science, also it extends to the studies of cultural, economic, and political impacts of scientific innovations. 

As a discipline, the history of science and technology began with the publication of the book History of the Inductive Sciences by William Whewell. Later, George Sarton also published a book named Introduction to the History of Science to focus on the history of science and technology. In his work, Sarton explained HST as the history of great men and ideas. Many people are still not sure about this discipline and want to learn HST full form before delving deeper into this discipline. 

Students willing to learn more about this field can take courses in the following colleges or universities. They can get admission into the colleges mentioned below to study HST. 

  • Buenos Aires Institute of Technology, Argentina
  • National Technological Institute, Argentina
  • The University of Sydney. This institute offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in HST. After completing undergraduate courses in this field, students will get the degree of Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts. For postgraduate degree, students can either take a research or coursework based degree. 
  • Nantes University, France also offers a degree in HST.

Before taking this course, students are required to learn the HST full form.

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