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Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is a learning theory developed by Dr. Carol Dweck. It centers around the belief that any student can improve their intelligence, ability, and performance with the right mindset. 

Growth mindset is opposite to the fixed mindset, that means a student’s talents are set in stone. However, years of research has shown that mindset is malleable. This becomes especially important for students, as a growth mindset can help them learn more effectively and efficiently. 

While there is no fixed way to develop a growth mindset, some areas are a good starting point. An essential factor is the types of praise. Praising a student, their effort, and individual development over the result is important. At the same time, teachers must encourage students to ask and act on the feedback. 

Another factor that teachers can focus on is the level of expectation. Having high and mighty expectations from their performance can eventually get toxic for both of you. Instead, it is crucial to set realistic performance and communicate this with your students. 

You can also develop this mindset by creating a positive culture that encourages development and values in agile learning and development. Self-talk is another area that teachers must focus on. They must teach students how to manage themselves and how to talk to themselves.

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