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Grammar School

A Grammar School is a kind of school which is usually based in the UK and other western countries. It was originally a school teaching Latin. The students’ selection is made by conducting an entrance exam. The children who manage to pass the exam go to a local grammar school while those who cannot pass the exams go to a secondary modern school.

In grammar schools, a comprehensive system is used for teaching. In these schools, children of all abilities and aptitude are taught together. Grammar schools were established in the 16th century, but the modern grammar school concept came into practice after the Education Act 1944. This act was introduced to set a standard for education opportunities by cutting out the inequalities in the education system.

The act recognized secondary education in two basic types: grammar schools and secondary modern schools. Grammar Schools focus on academic studies and assume that most of their students would go for higher studies. Secondary modern schools’ primary focus is on children who would opt for trade as their career option or further studies. There is also a third type of school: technical school. It focuses on the technical studies of students, but very few of these were established.

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