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Graduation Rate

A graduation rate is the measure of the students who graduated in six years for four years of a graduate program and three years for two years. The rating is done based on the number of students that have completed their degree and the number that has completed it in extended duration. 

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The graduation rate also helps prospective students looking forward to enrolling in graduate school to evaluate their quality. The higher graduation rates may indicate that the graduate school is worth registering for. Some colleges go beyond what is expected out of them and ensure that the students receive a quality education, are engaged and satisfied. These schools understand that graduation is not just about subject knowledge.

A high graduation rate majorly highlights the students’ hard work and dedication during their education, lecturers’ commitment towards the students, completion of their education, and multiple support systems. Many graduation schools with high graduation rates have selective, optional, and elite standards to maintain the college’s reputation and quality studying in that graduate school.

The rate is a measure of accountability that indicates the success rate of delivering high-quality education and maintaining a reputation. The second reason is transparency in the graduation rates among the prospective students’ parents about the college’s ability to produce effective students.

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