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Graduation Meaning In Hindi

Graduation Meaning In Hindi

Graduation Meaning In Hindi is one of the most asked questions on the internet. Graduation meaning in Hindi is ‘स्नातक की पढ़ाई’. A graduate degree is considered to be one of the most important educational qualifications for the students. Having a graduate degree increases the chances of being on a good career path as it opens better growth opportunities for the students.

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There are various graduation degrees for the students that can help them in their near future. The Science students brain exercise can choose degrees like B.Sc,, BCA, etc. The students belonging to the commerce stream can go ahead with BBA, B.COM, BA Economics, etc. The students belonging to the arts field have multiple options to choose as a graduation degree like BA in English, BA in Economics, BA in History, BA in Political Science teacher, BA in Philosophy, etc. There is also a concept called graduate rate. A graduation rate is the measure of the students who graduated in six years for four years of a graduate program and three years for two years. The rating is done based on the number of students that have completed their degree and the number that has completed it in extended duration. 

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