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Grading refers to the approach of implementing absolute measurements of diverse achievement levels in any course. Grades can be from A to F, 1 to 6, or any number (out of 100). The system was introduced in the country to match the international grade range. The scores assigned in the percentage system focus on the quantity and the marks acquired in the system are based on students’ ability to understand the concepts.

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The system is used to ease students’ pressure, as this method is based on academic performance and other tasks like assignments, projects, and answering ability. The system is multifaceted, as it includes several performance metrics, rather than studies alone. When students are grouped under different grades, it will be easier for them to know their strengths and weaknesses. 

Many schools across the globe use the Grading system, as it is more reliable than any other system to evaluate students’ performance. The Indian educational system previously relied solely on marks, but it revamped the process, and many schools started using the absolute grading system. The teachers will focus more on above and below-average learners. It will also allow the learners to find their weak points. Students get stressed out during the time of the exam and while grading is happening. Teachers must help students prepare for exams and ease them.

Parents can also measure their child’s capacity, and find the areas in which (s)he needs help. Moreover, it helps to follow a uniform system across all educational institutions, both in the country and abroad. Lately, the system eradicated the practice of evaluating students based on marks alone. It also helps learners with the required educational requisites to shape themselves to become a better version of themselves. The grading system is ever-changing, as continuous efforts are made to revise the educational module. This system is a game-changer, and many educators trust the same. The pressure of scoring high marks is predominantly reduced after the introduction of this innovative system.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology