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Grace Marks Meaning

Grace Marks Meaning

Grace marks meaning is a highly searched questions on the internet. Grace marks are the marks that the examiners give to the students in order to improve their academic reports. Teachers use this grading technique to make the results good for the students since the results have a long term impact on the future of the students.

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The grace marks marking technique is usually used for evaluating the answer sheets of the students studying in the board classes like higher secondary or senior secondary. Since the board exams and their results have a huge impact on the future of the students, it is advisable that the students secure good marks in these classes. Sometimes, when a student is not able to score good marks in the exams, they feel lost or demotivated. In order to keep the students motivated and hopeful, the education boards decided to follow the grace marks evaluation technique. Let us understand a little more about how grace marks marking/evaluation technique works.
The grace marks evaluation technique works two ways. It helps the weak students in passing the examination as well as it helps the academically strong students in adding more stars to their results. For instance, if a student scores 37 marks and the minimum passing marks are 38 or 39 marks, then the examiners will find the scope of giving a few marks extra to the self evaluation students so that they could pass thesubject matter exam. Also, if a student scores 94 marks and the minimum marks to reach the toppers category is 96 marks, then the teachers will try adding those two marks so that the students can reach the toppers list. We hope that reading this article would give you a better understanding grace marks meaning.

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